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In October 2005, Jiangsu Clock Lubricating Oil Co., Ltd. was founded in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, where the country's industrial development is fastest. Clark Company currently has a call center, a central laboratory, two production bases, over 10,000 tons of tank storage, over 100 tons of loading and unloading port wharf, 20 sets of industrial lube oil and lube grease production lines, covering an area of over 50 mu, so far Clark has served. In more than 3000 different fields of customer care, specially for automobiles, steel, petrochemical, power, aerospace, ships, electronics, plastics, machinery, mines, roads and bridges, textiles, chemical fibers, chemicals, building materials, food, medicine, agriculture and forestry, solar energy, photovoltaic semiconductor and other industries to provide a reliable radium oil solution. Sales network throughout the country, products have been sold to Europe and neighboring countries in Asia. Our company's business philosophy is based on ethics, quality first, customer first; adhere to green environmental protection, professional heart to do professional things. We are willing to develop together with our customers and nurses in a sustainable way.
Over the past ten years, Clark Intermediate Lubricating Oil has gone through a hard decade of development, establishment, growth and growth. Through continuous technological integration and experimental innovation, it has gained more than 30 reputations, such as Jiangsu Province's contract-abiding and trustworthy enterprise, Jiangsu Province's famous trademark enterprise, national high-tech enterprise, Jiangsu Intermediate Lubricating Oil Industry's well-known brand and member units of national organic heat carrier. Behind the knowledge of honor is more responsibility and dedication...